China Connect InTheCity 2013

In addition to China Connect annual two day conference, China Connect InTheCity aims at deciphering China’s cultural, marketing, communication, creative and media environments, through Premium Rendez-Vous with a Special Guest

“China Connect’s Baidu Masterclass was a fabulous event that was of tremendous value for Baidu—and, we hope, for all the brands, the agencies, and the media outlets in attendance. It was great to have the time to really show potential customers and partners the full range of solutions that Baidu offers, and to better understand the needs of our French and other European customers. The charming and endlessly energetic Laure brought together a terrific group of people from all the right stakeholders. And the venues she chose for the events were absolutely wonderful!” Kaiser KUO

Baidu Masterclass

PARIS, Thursday 27th JUNE, 2013

MASTERCLASS – CONFERENCE with China’s N°1 Search Engine




 As China becomes an ever more strategic growth zone, it’s mandatory to further decipher its proprietary digital ecosystem (blocked (or small) occidental players), and first entry door : online search. First worldwide search engine in Chinese language, Baidu is an essential platform for any player aiming to reach Chinese netizens (average 600M) and mobile users (average 420M).

What is Baidu, its vision of the internet ? What should occidental players know and understand about the Chinese Giant ? How can they take advantage of the platform to conquer +1,3 billion consumers (including mobile, new acquisitions on Video, etc.) ? How can Baidu protect Brands’ business ? How is the search market evolving ? How to optimize audience analysis in China ?

The Programme

-8h30-9h00: Registration, Coffee


-9h00-9h15: Introduction by Laure de Carayon, Founder of China Connect

-9h15-9h35: “Who’s Baidu: Company milestone, mission, core value, vision, properties, CSRby Kaiser Kuo, Director of International Communications, Baidu

Q&A with Laure de Carayon & Marion Moreau, Editor in Chief

-9h40-9h55: “Exploiting Baidu’s Innovation”: From Box computing to Voice & Picture Search, from Baidu Maps to Baidu cloud, Baidu PC Faster …” by Yuhong Cui, Senior Director of Union Business Baidu

Q&A with Marion Moreau, Editor in Chief

-10h00-10h20: “Understanding Baidu’s Commercial Portfolio logic”: How to Engage with brand core users, How to Recruit new brand users. The Brand Owned and Earned Media, The Brand Territory products, by Yuhong Cui, Senior Director of Union Business Baidu

-10h20-10h30: Q&A

10h30-11h00: Coffee Break


-11h00-11h40: “Leveraging Baidu’s platforms to innovate: Best Practices” by Michael Chen, General Manager of Key Accounts, National Channels and Regional Sales, Baidu

-11h40-11h55: Q&A

-11h55-12h25: “Potential Opportunities to Engage with 500M+ Chinese Online Populationby Johnny Zhu, General Manager, CharmClick

-12h25-12h40: Q&A

12h40-13h45: LUNCH

logoIR [Converti]

-13h45-14h45: “From good to great webanalytics strategy in China: how to leverage the best of 2 worlds ?” by Arnaud Rofidal, Ceo altima asia

and Q&A with Yuhong Cui

-14h45-15h30: Brand Protection on the Chinese Web : Introduction by Stanislas de Nervo, Managing Director, Co-Founder Datawords

and Q&A with Michael Chen


15h30-16h30: DRINK

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Why You Should Come ? - Unique “Inside Baidu” opportunity – Exceptional opportunity to connect in person with one of your key online business partners in China - Get a complete overview of the platform’s range of tools - Develop a concrete knowledge of innovative and successful strategies – Learn about Baidu’s vision of the internet, how it plans to help Europeans brands do business in China – Get the latest updates on webanalytics and search measurement – Elligible au DIF

Who Should Come ? Global consumer brands, E-tailers, Heads of Marketing/ Media/ Digital/ Mobile E-business/Product managers, SEO/SEM agencies, media agencies and digital players in general

Where: La Maison de la Chine  – 76, rue Bonaparte, 75 006 Paris – See Map

The Speakers

Kaiser KUO is Director of International Communications at Baidu, in charge of international media relations, evangelism, and PR, government relations, and marketing in ex-China markets.

Michael CHEN is General Manager of Key Accounts, National Channels and Regional Sales at Baidu. The major brands in his client pool include P&G, LVMH, Richemont, GM and Volkswagen to name but a few.

Yuhong CUI is Senior Director of Union Business at Baidu

Johnny ZHU is General Manager of CharmClick, the authorized Reseller or Baidu Advertising in Europe. He was formely the head of client service and optimizer of Google China, and online marketing senior director of eBay China

Arnaud ROFIDAL is CEO of altima° asia, based in Shanghai. He’s also Associate Director of altima°, one of the leading french digital agencies specialized in e-commerce

Stanislas de NERVO is Managing Director, Co-Founder Datawords. After 14 years at L’Oreal (3 in Asia), he joins in 2005, Datawords, he counfounded, with offices in Europe and Asia, leader in Digital Multilingual production, which produces digital content in asian languages for numerous European major brands, including PPC campaigns in China

Photo Gallery :  Click Here

- Kaiser Kuo announces Baidu’s participation at China Connect InTheCity in June 2013, at China Connect 2013, March 28

- Baidu International Videos

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